Intuitive, Reliable and Robust Communication Software for School, College and University. The application contains two separate interfaces, one for the school and its administrative staff and another for students, parents and guardians. Educadmin has every feature you will ever need to run your institution efficiently. To find out more, scroll through the following descriptions. To subscribe, send us an email today.

The school has access to a simple interface and can:

  • Add, create, edit, and manage user accounts
  • Manage the list of programs offered
  • Administer the lists by grade and / or semester
  • Manage concentrations / faculties by program (if applicable)
  • Edit and manage the list of rectors or directors
  • A tool to empower students and that focuses on student engagement
  • Add and edit the users who can access a notice

Messaging Module allows one to:

  • Access the list of active messages and emails
  • Send messages to a specific group of users, parents or internal users
  • View messages and notices in the communication app
  • View the history of sent messages

With module homework and exams, teachers can:

  • Edit course, categories of homework and exams
  • Edit the list of homework and assessments
  • Enter assessment notes
  • Load a document and restrict the access
  • Provide tools and educational resources: notes, publishing exam schedules, exam results and many more.

With the document manager, teachers can:

  • Enter a description of each document sent to students or system users
  • Upload a file and associate it with a student, a group or another user
  • Edit categories of documents
  • Edit student groups or class that can access the documents
  • Facilitate communication with parents
  • Restrict student access to certain documents or other user

The administrative staff of the educational institution has access to:

  • The list of parents, students, teachers
  • The list of students enrolled in a course or assessment
  • The list of administrative staff
  • The list of all users
  • Edit access for internal users (depending on the user's security level)

Students have access to a multiplatform interface (mobile, tablet pc and computer). They can:

  • Manage their profile
  • See the list of their courses by program and year
  • See the notice, general and private messages from teachers
  • See notes for homework and exams
  • See documents from teachers
  • See comments on assessments

Parents and guardians have access to a multiplatform interface (mobile, tablet pc and computer). They can:

  • Manage their profile
  • See the notice, news, general and private messages from teachers
  • View the details contained in the profile of their children

Why Educadmin?

Everything you need in one application:

Educadmin is a platform fully supported and hosted by the Management-Ware Solutions team. Thus, your users can focus more on teaching, learning, training and developing.

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